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Functional Medicine: A Health-Care Future Worth Fighting For

Though America’s health care has become a political battlefield, we the people can be grateful for, among other advantages, our top-notch acute hospital care and our unparalleled ability to guide an injured citizen through a medical crisis. Chronic disease, however, is where we fail miserable so much so, that we’re currently ranked 37th of industrialized […]

Perfect Training = Perfect Performance

Is it true that training leads to better performance and fewer injuries? Vince Lombardi said, – perfect practice makes perfect -, not practice makes perfect. Vince was correct in that proper training far outweighs any quantity of training. So, what is proper training? Proper training focuses on balancing structural, nutritional and emotional health. Proper structural […]

Is Your Forehead Related to Your Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

“The craniofacial morphology of patients with celiac disease reveals an altered pattern of craniofacial growth,” claims an article titled ”Large Forehead: A Novel Sign of Undiagnosed Celiac Disease,“ in a 2005 issue of Digestive and Liver Disease. Specifically, the study found that people who suffer from gluten intolerance had a larger forehead due to abnormal […]

Cholesterol: A Love Story

Do you cringe when asked about your cholesterol? The word alone strikes fear of atherosclerosis, heart disease, and stroke. All the studies, the diets, the doctors’ orders seem geared toward lowering cholesterol, eliminating the “bad” kind, and consuming low-fat, cholesterol-free foods. Interestingly, there is little scientific evidence showing that cholesterol is a cause of atherosclerosis, […]

Thyroid Sign Language

“Cold hands, warm heart” a sweet old adage that may say more about the thyroid than the personality. Anxiety, depression, fatigue, digestive troubles, constipation, insomnia, heart palpitations, itchy dry skin, brittle thinning hair, difficulty with weight gain or loss, morning headaches, cold hands and feet are the signs of a poorly functioning thyroid. These signs […]

Mercury & Your Thyroid: How Many Fillings Do You Have?

Most of us understand that Mercury is a toxic metal that can cause serious health concerns. Besides an old broken thermometer or vaccination, what is the most common way we are exposed to harmful levels of mercury? The answer is to look at your teeth! If you notice dark fillings there is a good chance […]

Nutritional Repercussions of Celiac Disease

I had the pleasure to present “Nutritional Repercussions of Celiac Disease” to the Boulder County Celiac Association this past August. Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance are very important to me, as I was diagnosed gluten intolerant during a stressful period in Chiropractic College and my grandfather suffered from Parkinson’s disease brought on as a complication […]

Inflammation Strategies

Most everyone has experienced some form of pain in his life, whether falling off a bicycle, lifting a heavy box, a stress headache, or due to a car accident. All of these different injuries stem from the same response in the body–inflammation. This is the unsung hero of pain, because while inflammation causes pain, it […]

Do Low Carb Diets Promote Weight Loss?

Well, according to the research, YES!!! Our bodies are experts at converting the food we eat into energy our cells can use. The body uses a couple of different strategies (called metabolic pathways) to provide cells with energy, and it turns out that some pathways are healthier than others. A study published this month in […]

5 Things I wish I knew when I was diagnosed gluten intolerant

1) The disease does not stop after going gluten free – A 2009 study from the Journal of Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics indicated that after studying 465 Celiac disease patients only 8% of the group reached “histological normalization” after following a strict gluten free diet for 16 months. That is, only 8% of the group […]