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Premature Menstrual Cycles: What Are the Consequences?

Puberty is an important physiological time in both the male and female roles, mainly due to the major transformations that are going on within the human body. Not only does puberty have an effect on the body physically, but mental, emotional, and social changes happen as well. Most of us probably don’t delve into the […]

LiveO2:: What is it?

What is LiveO2? At Dr. Autoimmune, we hope to help you gain control of your health once and for all. Instead of taking a pill to mask the symptoms of your chronic health problem(s), we deeply explore the root cause of your health issues in order to rehabilitate your health, and then prepare your body […]

Are you living with shoulder pain?

Are you living with shoulder pain? If so, you are in good company. According to statistics, approximately 26% of the adult population seek care for pain in the shoulder and up to 70% of people will experience clinical shoulder pain in their lifetime.[1] This makes shoulder pain the third most common complaint in musculoskeletal clinical setting.[2] There […]