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Have you heard the headlines recently?  It’s a bit frightening to hear what’s going on in the world, the nation, and our town.  In order to make the news, something has to be HUGE ~ violent, frightening, over the top, unthinkable.  We have become immune to subtlety.  If we don’t get an intense visceral reaction, […]

Coronavirus and Natural Supplementation

When you hear the term “coronavirus”, it might elicit some type of fear…but why? Coronaviruses have actually been around for a long time, with the first case being acknowledged back in 1937 in birds and in the 1960’s with humans. These viruses are the cause of what’s known as the common cold in many people – eliciting […]

Hashimoto’s and Vitamin D Supplementation

When we think about our immune system, we usually jump to colds and flu, but the immune system does so much more than that! Aside from destroying germs and harmful bacteria within the body, the immune system also determines which cells are good and bad. When the immune system isn’t balanced correctly, it can essentially […]