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Women in Medicine

For centuries, women have been making groundbreaking contributions to the field of medicine. Unfortunately for much of history, female scientists have been overlooked or had the credit for their contributions stolen. Since March is National Women’s History Month, we here at Dr. Autoimmune wanted to take a moment to highlight some of these scientists. From […]

The COVID-Immune Connection

Woman with mask

Numerous credible sources have been discussing the link between current events and the increase in autoimmunity. They claim we are facing a ‘super-epidemic’ of autoimmune disease as a result of both the COVID-19 infections and vaccines. This may sound alarming if you didn’t happen to know that we are already in an autoimmune epidemic in […]

Why should you ditch gluten?

‘Gluten’ is a word that most of us in this day and age are familiar with. Comedians love the subject, bakeries proudly offer gluten free options, and the label ‘gluten-free’ is greatly sought after. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. We all knew whole wheat products as being a part of […]

10 Ways to Use Coconut on the Autoimmune Protocol

Coconuts are not nuts to many people’s surprise, which is an amazing gift to those embarking on an autoimmune nutrition protocol. During the autoimmune nutrition protocol, nuts and seeds are avoided temporarily to aid digestion and gut healing. The low glycemic coconut meat and water inside contain many healthful macro and micronutrients to support gut […]