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5 Things to Know About Our Autoimmune Specialists and How We Can Help

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Chronic disease affects millions of men and women in the U.S. and often affects nearly every aspect of everyday life. From thyroid issues to leaky gut, autoimmune disorders can be difficult to diagnose and even more tough to treat.   Thankfully, the team at Dr. Autoimmune specializes in helping patients find the answers and experience […]

Unveiling the Connection: Dysbiosis as a Crucial Indicator in Covid-19 Outcomes

Dysbiosis as a Crucial Indicator in Covid-19 Outcomes

As we navigate the complex landscape of COVID-19, scientific exploration continues to uncover intricate links between the virus and various health factors. Recently, a notable study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information sheds light on a critical aspect—dysbiosis, the imbalance in gut microbiota, as an indicator of poor outcomes in COVID-19 infections.   […]

Seropositive versus Seronegative Arthritis: Understanding the Differences and Similarities

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Arthritis is a broad term used to describe inflammation and stiffness in the joints, affecting millions of people worldwide. It encompasses various types of arthritis, including seropositive and seronegative arthritis. These terms refer to the presence or absence of certain antibodies in the blood associated with the condition.  Understanding the differences and similarities between seropositive […]

Glutathione & Autoimmune Disease Connection

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There are more than 80 different types of autoimmune diseases — diseases, and fifty million Americans alone suffer from an autoimmune disease. So why does this happen? One reason is people with autoimmune disease have too much inflammation in their bodies and they don’t make enough glutathione.  Glutathione  Glutathione, often referred to as the “master” […]

Autoimmune Diseases & Infections

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For a long time we’ve known that bacteria can trigger the immune system in such a way that autoimmune diseases are formed.  Though genes play a role in autoimmune disease, they’re only one piece of the puzzle.  Autoimmune disease (AID) isn’t caused by just one thing. It’s likely that AID happens when someone with a […]

Top 5 Most Common Autoimmune Diseases That Affect Women

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As if women don’t already go through enough between having a monthly menstrual cycle, experiencing childbirth and going through menopause later in life, now recent studies estimate that about 80% of all patients diagnosed with autoimmune diseases are women. That means it’s important for women to be aware and know what to look out for. […]

5 Common Autoimmune Diseases in Men

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It seems discussing aAutoimmune diseases in men is not a topic that is discussed very often. That’s because 80% of all patients diagnosed with autoimmune diseases are women, but the gap is getting smaller. This is why we think it’s important that we take a look at the five most common autoimmune diseases and their […]

Breathe Your Troubles Away

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Breathing techniques are not just for yogis and tree huggers, and have been used for thousands of years in many cultures and practices. Almost everyone who has ever been guided through a meditation practice knows how important the rhythm of breath is. Although encouraged to breathe through our nose, for many, that is easier said […]

How Functional Medicine Can Heal Your Eczema

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Eczema care from a functional medicine perspective is all about finding the cause. At Dr. Autoimmune, Dr. Ian Hollaman doesn’t only address his patients’ eczema symptoms; he looks for the root cause of the eczema and fixes it!  In this article we will go over the common problems Dr. Autoimmune finds that cause eczema. Eczema […]

Healing Crohn’s Disease With Functional Medicine

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Digestive issues are becoming more and more common! From bloating to IBS to SIBO and Candida overgrowth, there’s no shortage of people walking into my office hoping for a solution to their GI issues.  Today, I’m going to dive into one of the more serious GI issues I see among my patients — Crohn’s disease.  […]