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Everything necessary to determine the root cause of your autoimmune condition and build your personalized treatment plan.

  • 90 minute remote intake and evaluation appointment with Dr. Ian
  • Includes a customized care plan designed for your chronic condition
  • Dr. Ian has worked with over 4,000 autoimmune cases
  • 80% success rate with symptom resolution
  • Featured as a top expert for "Thyroid Secret" documentary in 2014
  • Certified functional medicine expert through IFM
  • Nationally recognized public speaker on autoimmunity
  • Master's degree in both Nutrition and Functional Medicine

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The Finest Autoimmune Care in Colorado

Autoimmune Specialists

Our unique approach: no stone is left unturned to determine the true cause of your autoimmune condition.

Discover the Root Cause

Many of our patients come to us as a last resort... by identifying the root cause of your condition, we develop a plan that finally gets results.

Comprehensive Approach

Using the latest in brain mapping, neuro-feedback, clinical nutrition, functional medicine and more... we work with you to customize your care.

We Measure Over 90 Unique Blood Markers to Find Conditions Missed by Most Standrd Blood Panels...

"I've been working with Dr Ian and his team for the past few months and I can honestly say I've never felt better. I originally went to him with symptoms of fatigue, brain fog and poor sleep quality. I wasn't getting any answers from my regular Dr and thought I would give it a try. He identified high levels of inflammation in my head (from sports injuries, car accidents, etc ..) as well as my gut. Through diet changes, supplementation and neurofeedback we were able to address the inflammation and get my systems back on track and working properly. In three months I have noticed significant improvements with all of the symptoms I was dealing with. I'm consistently sleeping through the night and have been able to sustain higher energy levels throughout the day. My mental clarity and memory recall has improved immensely which has led to better output at work. In addition, my skin looks and feels better, I've trimmed up a bit and am not experiencing nearly as much "soreness" after intense physical activities - all of which were added benefits or my treatment plan. If you're frustrated with the care you're receiving or struggling to find answers, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Dr Ian and his team to see how they can help you achieve your health goals. It worked wonders for me .... I only wish I found him years ago!"

-Ryan C

"Dr. Autoimmune was everything I’ve been looking for in a doctor for years. For the first time, a professional actually listened to my experience and validated my feelings and treated me like I was actually worthy of getting the help I was looking for. He and his staff answered every question with patience and expertise. They made me feel like a valued person, who they were privileged to care for. I can’t say enough about how positive and life changing working with them was for me. Worth it! I recommend this group to everyone. If you’re looking for genuine care and actual help, start here."

-Tammy C

Start Your Health Consultation

We’ve set up a comprehensive new patient special that includes everything necessary to determine the root cause of your condition and start you on the journey to getting your life back.

✓ 1-Hour Comprehensive Physical and Neurologic Exam
✓ Advanced Brain Mapping
✓ Complete Blood Panel – Examining Over 80 Unique Markers (Includes lab fees)
✓ Follow Up Session to Review Findings and Develop Customized Care Plan

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