Research shows people of all ages see dramatic improvement in ADHD, depression, anxiety, brain injuries, migraines, seizures, chronic pain and addiction-related issues following neurofeedback therapy.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is an exciting new therapy for dealing with debilitating neurological symptoms. Non-invasive and drug-free, neurofeedback has been shown to be incredibly powerful when conducted by a trained practitioner. There are many case studies of people who have changed their lives for the better using neurofeedback. You can find some of these in our reviews!

Research has shown people of all ages see dramatic improvement in insomnia, ADHD, depression, anxiety, brain injury, migraines, seizures, chronic pain and addiction-related issues. Neurofeedback has been proven to change the brain by changing timing in the brain. It’s published in scientific literature and the FDA has recognized brain mapping as a non-invasive tool to assist in diagnosing ADHD. It’s used by thousands of trained health professionals around the world. It could be the most important new tool available for mental and neurological health.

How Does Neurofeedback Work?

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive process where brain waves are monitored in real time by a computer, which can then use that information to produce changes in brainwave activity. The computer monitors your brain waves while you watch a movie or listen to music. 

Irregular brain wave patterns trigger an audio or visual cue that alerts the patient that they are outside normal ranges. This manifests in fading the audio and video. These cues are received by the brain, which subconsciously adjusts itself back to a normal pattern to resume the movie or music. 

With enough repetition of this process, the brain eventually learns to stay in the normal ranges on its own without the computer. With the brain functioning normally on its own, symptoms of irregular brain activity will decline.

It has been well documented that people who suffer neurological problems have abnormal brain waves in specific lobes of the brain. For instance, case studies using QEEG “brain maps” have shown that people with Attention-Deficit-Disorder (ADD) have elevated theta brainwaves (and low beta), while those who suffer from depression have altered alpha brainwaves. Those with anxiety will have elevated Beta brainwaves, while those suffering from memory loss usually have decreased theta brainwaves.

The best part of neurofeedback is that results are often permanent, allowing a person to reduce or even eliminate medications altogether. Where medications only manage the symptoms, the goal of neurofeedback is to address the underlying cause and restore normal brain wave functions.

What is a Brain Map?


Before we can begin with neurofeedback, we must take a brain scan to establish your current status. A Brain Map is a form of qEEG scan that measures the different brainwave frequencies. How these brain waves are acting in different lobes of the brain gives us a great deal of information about your neurological health. An analysis of your brain map will be performed to calculate which areas need the most improvement. Based on the level of unbalanced brainwaves, a protocol is developed to train your brain to adopt a healthier brainwave distribution.

The Neurofeedback Process

Neurofeedback utilizes a non-invasive technique for monitoring brain activity. Small electrodes are attached to the head while our neurointegration software records the brain waves and displays the data in real time. 

During this time the patient is watching a movie or listening to music. The software compares the incoming brainwaves to that of an optimal brainwave in the target range. If the brainwaves deviate from normal ranges, it triggers the audio or video to fade. The brain automatically detects this and refocuses itself back into the proper range. 

This process is repeated hundreds of times per session. Sessions usually last 20-30 minutes.

The Brain Is A Learning Machine

Through operant conditioning, the brain is rewarded when the audio or video returns to normal. Eventually the brain learns to stay in the healthy ranges without the reward stimulus, and is able to sustain normal activity independent of the computer. This is achieved by reconnecting functional pathways in the brain.

Neurofeedback does not target any particular disorder. Its purpose is to change timing and activation patterns in the brain. This improves brain regulation, which can impact a variety of symptoms. 

Different symptoms will require triggering different areas of the brain. The software is designed to target specific areas of the brain according to a patient’s symptoms.

How Many Sessions Are Needed?

There is no magic number. Just as every person is unique, the number of sessions will vary according to each person. Noticeable results typically occur between the first and tenth session. 

In general 20 – 40 sessions are needed for the results to become permanent. Symptoms in some patients will resolve in a shorter time. Some require more training, some less. 

The goal is to complete enough sessions to ensure consistent and lasting benefits. A brain map can be generated at any time between sessions, so that you can visually see the progress your brain is making.

I initially started seeing Dr Ian for intense tiredness, digestive problems, low thyroid and a slew of other symptoms. He has been so amazing in supporting me to continuously make improvements and the results have been incredible. I highly recommend him, he is intuitive, wise and a high integrity person that I respect and value!

- Susie

Using adjustments, blood analysis, supplements, suggested diet and exercise, Dr. Hollaman has been able to recreate the proper function of my endocrine system and I feel like a new person! I’ve lost weight and feel good about myself again. I know that my health is better than it has been for many years and I am no longer taking thyroid supplementation.

- Joetta

Dr Ian helped me overcome many health problems. When I initially went to see him, I was suffering from hypo-thyroidism. With his help, I am no longer hypo-thyroid. Amazing Results! He is highly recommended!

- Mary

Ian really knows A LOT about thyroid problems! His knowledge and confidence convinced me to make the lifestyle changes -including no gluten, no sugar, and more exercise-that are essential to healing hormonal imbalances and to staying well. Several months later, I feel stronger, more energetic, and am happier than I have felt in a long time. Many thanks for all your help!

- Anonymous

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