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Restore Your optimal health

The Dr. Autoimmune program is the fastest and most economical path to restore your optimal health by taming inflammation through diet, lifestyle and doctor quality supplementation.

After 15 years and over 4,500 clients we are proud to announce a functional medicine “do it yourself” program guided by two experts, Dr. Ian Hollaman and Stevie Chaddock.

30 day diy

Join us and become the best version of yourself!

This immersive program will guide you through dietary procedures and real life tips to harness our best healing tool – your immune system! Add in 4 webinars and a comprehensive dietary and reset guide and you have the tools to reset the fatigue, brain fog, joint pain and chronic autoimmune inflammation plaguing Your quality of life!

1) This program is super amazing but it does not replace medical advice.  
2) This program does not cure, prevent nor treat disease.
3) This program is 100% non-refundable once purchased, no exceptions.