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Our Philosophy Of Care

As a leading functional medicine center based out of Colorado, we will work with you to create a customized health plan. Discover our effective methods for alleviating debilitating symptoms and resetting your immune system. We help patients with all autoimmune conditions, thyroid disease, and those who live with depression, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD. Oftentimes, our treatments can help reduce or eliminate the need to take prescription drugs. The best part is that we offer 100% remote care for those who don't live in the area. Our wellness specialists are here to empower you and provide you with natural solutions that promote optimal health.

Dr. Ian Holloway

Meet The Team

Our experienced team is here to provide you with natural solutions tailored to your individual health needs. Learn more about us below!

Dr. Ian Hollaman

Dr. Ian HollamanDC, MSc, IFMCP

Dr. Ian Hollaman, DC, MSc, IFMCP is a functional medicine provider with over 15 years experience working with complex and chronic conditions such as autoimmunity, gastrointestinal and neurologic disorders that have had little success with traditional western medicine. Dr. Ian uses a comprehensive approach centered on patient outcomes and utilizes a wide array of therapeutics like diet, supplementation, lifestyle and other neurologic therapies to customize clients care. Dr. Ian is a chiropractic physician and started practicing in 2008. Dr. Ian also obtained a Masters Science in human nutrition and functional medicine from the university Western States in 2014 and as well has a functional medicine certification from the Institute Functional Medicine as of 2014. Dr. Ian has lectured to physicians across the country and is involved in supplement product formulation. His number one goal is to help you change Your life and understand what it will take to achieve this!

Dr. Ian is happily married, boasts a family of 6 and has life long pursuits in falconry, rifle hunting, gardening, soccer and lives West of Boulder, CO.

God bless you and Your family,
Dr. Ian

Stevie Chaddock

Stevie ChaddockFunctional Nutritional Therapy Practioner

Stevie is a Clinical Nutritionist who holds a master’s in nutrition science and specializes in gut microbiome dysfunction and autoimmune conditions. She is thrilled to be working with the amazing people at Dr. Autoimmune. Stevie celebrates the uniqueness of every patient she works with and thrives on combining her love for human connection with her passion for food. She believes that food is information. So much can be learned about a person by looking at what they eat, how they eat, and who they eat with. She also believes that food should be celebrated. Most people have profound memories and experiences surrounding food. Welcoming that, embracing that, and having that be a part of the dialogue is big component of helping to optimize the body through nutrition. Originally from the Midwest, Stevie lives in Oregon with her husband and two kids.

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