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No matter where you live, you can still receive care from Dr. Autoimmune. We now offer remote telehealth options so that anyone can heal, from anywhere.

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No matter where you live, remote care is now available. We also offer telehealth options available. We are here to help offering to anyone including those who are unable or cannot come into the office.

Autoimmune Specialists

Our unique approach: no stone is left unturned to determine the true cause of your autoimmune condition.

Discover the Root Cause

Many of our patients come to us as a last resort… by identifying the root cause of your condition, we develop a plan that finally gets results.

Comprehensive Approach

Using the latest in neuro-feedback, clinical nutrition, functional medicine and a variety of different avenues. We work with you to customize your care and minimize symptoms.

We Measure Over 83 Unique Blood Markers to Find Conditions Missed by Most Standard Blood Panels...


"I came in 4 months ago for Fibromyalgia and all I can say is I wish I came 9 years ago..."


Sarah M.

"Coming Here Has Given Me My Life Back"

– Robin C

These are just a few of the hundreds of success stories we’ve helped amazing individuals create…

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