Dr. Autoimmune was everything I’ve been looking for in a doctor for years. For the first time, a professional actually listened to my experience and validated my feelings and treated me like I was actually worthy of getting the help I was looking for. He and his staff answered every question with patience and expertise. They made me feel like a valued person, who they were privileged to care for. I can’t say enough about how positive and life changing working with them was for me. Worth it! I recommend this group to everyone. If you’re looking for genuine care and actual help, start here.

Tammy Cooley

I have nothing but great things to say about Dr Ian and his staff. Before I met Dr Ian. I saw 3 different MD’s, all of whom dismissed my symptoms. I gained over 60 pounds and am dealing with all the symptoms of hashimotos. I did a lot of research and knew that something was up.

Dr. Ian was extremely thorough with our first visit- over an hour. The longest I’ve ever met with a doctor. After we got my blood work back he diagnosed me with hashimotos. I felt so much relief and validation from Dr. Ian. He gave me hope and motivation to heal.

I am a college student and finances were a concern for me, but Dr. Ian and his staff made it a point to accommodate my needs. Within a month of just supplements and diet I lost 20 pounds and am still continuing to lose weight. I no longer have brain fog or bloating. My energy is back and I feel like I am finally healing.

I cannot thank Dr. Ian enough for his support throughout this process.

Megan Kowsky

Where do I start? I had lyme disease about 20 years ago and over the past 10 years of my life I started to fall apart. I’d been to my primary care Dr with all the problems I was having and didn’t receive any help. After all the tests I went through I was told everything seemed fine. After not feeling well and constantly struggling with my life and health I was recommended to Dr Ian at Dr Autoimmune. He really helped me out a lot from digestive issues, hormonal problems, sleeping issues, brain fog and various other problems I was having. Before seeing him, I couldn’t eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. After 2 week of going on his elimination diet I was able to eat garlic and onions again with no adverse reaction. I also lost 25lbs in the first 4 months.   In the time that I’ve been seeing him I recommend many friends with Autoimmune issues and they have been experiencing the same level of results and care. His staff was also very helpful in keeping me on track with reminders and my supplements schedule. Seeing Dr Ian was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Marc Mosello

I initially went to Dr. Ian for some health issues I was experiencing. Dr. Ian’s holistic approach to my health concerns has led me to a lifelong  healthy lifestyle and I no longer have my illness to contend with.

Dr. Ian and his friendly knowledgeable staff were able to navigate my unique situation of working overseas, (South Korea) and visiting the office the holidays I was home in Colorado. I used Zoom calls to work with Dr. Ian and his nutritionist, using Zoom did not take away from the professional experience.

I highly recommend Dr. Ian and his staff of experts to assist you in your healthcare needs.

Frances Giron

I decided to become a patient of Dr. Ian’s after one of his public lectures on hormones. I originally started seeing him for another endocrine concern, but I was simultaneously experiencing painful and embarrassing cystic acne. I’d had it all of my teenage and adult life, and no topical treatment or dietary changes had ever worked. I didn’t even think to mention it at our first visit, and we never targeted my skin specifically, but after maybe a year of treating my hormonal imbalances, my skin suddenly cleared up. I haven’t needed full-coverage makeup in years, and I almost never get even a small blemish. I’m still a regular patient for other unresolved issues, but healthy, clear skin has been a dream come true for me.

He’s also a gifted and thorough chiropractor. I’ve seen 6 or more in my lifetime, and he’s probably the best.

Monica Cesario

I saw Dr. Ian after struggling with significant digestive issues for almost a year. Prior to him I had almost every test run at my GP’s office and saw a gastro who told me to “eat more fiber.” Dr. Ian spent an hour doing a full exam and thoroughly reviewing my medical history. He ran a series of tests that were much more comprehensive than my other doctors that diagnosed my issues and from there he was able to put me on a treatment plan that has actually produced positive results. On top of that Dr. Ian himself is extremely caring and personable and his staff is excellent as well. I would highly recommend his practice!

Kara Wetherill

I’ve been a patient for over two years. Dr Hollaman has helped me get healthy again. Through all I’ve learned from him, I have learned what to look for if my health starts to slide so that it can be more easily corrected. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to work on their health.

Debbie Crume

Dr. Ian has been incredibly helpful taking my health journey to the next level. His treatment looks at not just diet, but also lifestyle, and supplements. I have seen wonderful results, and am able to improve some important pieces of my overall health with Dr. Ian that I had been struggling with for more than a decade. Highly recommend it!

Devin Patrick Hughes

Great medical office, wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. Dr. Autoimmune (Dr. Ian) has an exceptional  eye for identifying ongoing issues right off the bat. Things that should have been obvious to traditional doctors, but for some odd reason slipped their attention, whereas Dr. Ian was able to pinpoint them within the first 15 minutes into the initial conversation.  And we like how Dr. Ian doesn’t give up in search of an adequate solution.

Additional bonus is the office personnel – always nice, attentive, willing to accommodate your schedule, no matter how difficult or, rather, demanding it may be, all of which makes it terrific experience overall from Dr. Autoimmune’s practice. I highly recommend becoming his patient

Yulia Lushnikova

I have gone to Dr. Autoimmune several times over the past few years for mainly my lower back and most recently for my elbow. Every time I step foot into this office I am treated with respect, honesty and compassion. My recent elbow injury was very unique and I am glad to write this review with no pain after my appointment(s). As someone who has struggled to get the proper treatment I’ve needed with Primary Care Physicians I highly recommend seeing Dr. Autoimmune for a multitude of different issues.

Colton Wagner

Meet Dr. Ian Hollaman

Dr. Ian Hollaman truly cares for his patients, and brings a tremendous amount of passion to the art of healing. His willingness to go the extra mile reflects a lifelong pursuit of the golden rule – treat others as you would have them treat you. He is proud to offer wellness services of the highest quality, with a focus on patient care at the heart of all he does. In 2008, Dr. Ian founded a leading functional medicine center in Boulder, CO, offering Chiropractic, Functional Medicine, Functional Neurology, Nutrition Coaching, Neurofeedback and more. A unique care plan is crafted using these modalities to meet each client’s specific health needs.

Dr. Hollaman specializes in chronic and complex conditions using functional medicine, functional neurology, chiropractic, and therapies like Neurofeedback and cold laser that create a new space for true healing. Dr. Hollaman suffered from multiple chronic conditions and he provides a different healthcare experience through empathy, comprehensive testing and evaluation. He takes the time to truly explain your health and what the healing process requires. Dr. Hollaman is one of the few practitioners in the United States to have his certification in functional medicine, Masters in functional medicine and nutrition plus certifications in functional neurology.

Meet the Team

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