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About our Holistic Approach: What is Functional Medicine?

what is functional medicine
April 17, 2024

At our functional medical center, we firmly believe that healthcare is specific to the individual and requires attention to detail and personalized care plans. We also know that our bodies are capable of healing themselves. These are a few core functional medicine principles our team is passionate about! So, what is functional medicine? Read on to learn more about our holistic approach to health and wellness!

Functional Medicine Defined

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Functional medicine is an alternative approach to traditional medicine in that it seeks to find and treat the underlying cause of a chronic condition. It can be tricky to navigate, as causes, symptoms, and diagnoses can be different depending on the person’s background and lifestyle. Your symptoms can also manifest in many different ways. For example, one cause (inflammation) can manifest in multiple conditions, such as diabetes, RA, and even mental health disorders. While on the other hand, one condition (chronic fatigue) can be the result of multiple causes, from low thyroid to nutrient deficiency.

Understanding a person’s specific lifestyle factors is key to uncovering their root problem and creating an effective plan accordingly. Otherwise, you’re wasting time and money simply masking your symptoms (ever thrown money at a car and regretted it?). This holistic approach combines lifestyle, genetics, and environment in order to get the largest and clearest picture of your overall health, making it a big reason why you should consider functional care.

Benefits of Functional Medicine

1. Patient-centered Care

If you’ve ever met with a doctor and felt as though they didn’t listen to you, that’s because they were looking at the disease, not you as a person. We look at your whole being and look at your disease through the lens of your individual biochemistry. Our focus is on making sure you are in control of your health and finding ways to encourage your body’s natural healing processes.

2. Multi-faceted Therapies

We are constantly reading up on the latest medical research and innovative therapies to help our patients achieve their health goals. Our holistic approach is also multidimensional, meaning that we look for natural ways to support your body, including preventative medicine. Lifestyle and diet are significant factors in autoimmune conditions, so services such as our clinical nutrition program along with supplementation can be very effective. From gut health to brain health and everything in between, we will utilize everything available to find a solution that works for you.

3. Supports Many Chronic Conditions

Our autoimmune specialists have worked with patients diagnosed with adrenal and thyroid disorders, arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, environmental and food allergies, PCOS, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, IBS, Crohn’s, and many more.

Holistic Health Consultations at Dr. Autoimmune

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Whether you have just begun to notice unusual symptoms or have been dealing with chronic autoimmune symptoms for years, we have the expertise to help you discover a path toward better health. Our telehealth consultations include a complete blood panel and a thorough timeline review of your medical history and current symptoms. During the initial consult, we will gather as much information as we can and listen to your needs. We will then follow up with a personalized evaluation and care plan and will take all the time necessary to answer your questions and support you along the way.

Find out more about our functional medicine services, and get in touch with Dr. Autoimmune today to help you uncover the root cause of your symptoms so you can get back to feeling like yourself again.

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