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ADD/ADHD & the Neurofeedback solution.

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July 28, 2017

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Call us, OR register with the form at the bottom of this article today. Space is limited! (p) 303.882.8447

Neurofeedback For ADD/ADHD

A year ago, we were struggling with our daughter and her ADD symptoms. We had been trying different prescriptions for about a year. It seemed as if we would begin a new prescription and everything would be going okay, then we would need to keep increasing the dosage until we reached the maximum allowable dosage for her age and size. Then we would start the process of changing her medication and then we would repeat the same process all over again. Each time we dealt with the side effects of no appetite and a zombie type personality. withdrawals and dramatic mood swings. We felt like prisoners in our own home and the stress this put on the family was intense. We were tired of living life this way and began to search and pray for a better way to tackle her ADD.
We scheduled an appointment with Dr. Ian and were encouraged by his words of hope for our daughter and our family! We started neurofeedback treatment immediately and began meeting with Dr. Ian to work on any physical struggles she had that were affecting her ADD. Within six months our daughter was a different person: completely off medication, she no longer had mood swings, she is more confident, she was able to focus more at school, better grades, she laughs all the time, she has gained healthy weight and our family is less stressed. It has taken us about 10 months to complete her neurofeedback treatments but it has been well worth it.

If you are at your wits end and don’t know where to turn, please consider this for your child.
In the words of our 9 year old daughter, “Red Tail changed my life and made it better!” –Hailey – age 9

ADHD reaches into every facet of our lives and it can leave you feeling helpless!

But there is hope!
Neurofeedback as an effective alternative to medication to treat their child’s ADHD. The treatment is simple and painless and effective.

Neurofeedback is a brain training therapy that works by changing brain wave patterns. Like exercise for the body, neurofeedback is exercise for the brain, a proven technology that trains the brain to function more efficiently.

Brainwaves are simply the collective electrical activity of millions of brain cells functioning together. There are four main types of brainwaves–delta, theta, alpha and beta–all of which serve a specific purpose. Everyone has a “normal” range of brainwave patterns, however when patterns fall outside of “normal” levels problems can occur like ADHD. This is where Neurofeedback therapy comes in to train the brain to bring these brainwave patterns back into a normal and healthy range.

What is the treatment process like?

Treatment begins with a diagnostic test called a Brain Map. The Brain Map uses electroencephalography (EEG) technology to measure brain wave patterns in specific parts of the brain. It is a non-invasive test that takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

Brain Mapping Session in Progress
After the mapping session, you make an appointment to meet with Dr. Ian and view the results of your child’s Brain Map. Here you will learn specific details about your child’s brain functions, how they relate to symptoms of ADHD and how neurofeedback can help.

How does Neurofeedback train proper brainwave patterns?

Neurofeedback uses simulation to help your brain produce proper brainwave patterns. Neurofeedback training is done in a comfortable and relaxing space. Each treatment session lasts about 30 minutes and involves watching a movie while a computer monitors brain activity in real-time.
You will have 2 sensors attached to your head and ears and wear photic light glasses and headphones. Your brain waves will be encouraged to shift into a different, more optimally functioning pattern. If your brain waves are not cooperating the video and audio begins to fade. When your brain waves normalize you are rewarded with the full movie experience. It’s a very effective kind of brain exercise that massage abnormal brain waves into healthy brain wave patterns, which reduces your symptoms.

Neurofeedback Session in Progress

How soon do people notice changes?

Since Neurofeedback is a learning process, treatment requires multiple sessions. People generally begin to see changes in 10-15 sessions, but the number of treatment sessions always depends on the severity of the case. Practice makes perfect!

Research shows that neurofeedback is a successful alternative for treatment of ADD/ADHD.

ADD and ADHD are brain problems. Neurofeedback allows people to work directly on the problem by training the brain to become calmer, more focused, and less impulsive. By reducing the too-fast and too-slow brain patterns that occur in the brain of someone with ADD or ADHD, neurofeedback helps the person learn how to take control.

Another reason that neurofeedback is so effective for ADHD and ADD is that it appeals to children –it’s as easy as watching a movie. Children enjoy brain training, making it easy to continue with treatment and achieve significant improvements.

Real testimonials from Parents who have worked with Red Tail Wellness.

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