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Can You Sleep Too Much?

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December 13, 2021

Can Sleep be a Window into your Brain Health?

How much do you sleep a night? New sleep research shows that sleeping less than 4.5 hours or more than 6.5 hours could leave you at risk for dementia or cognitive decline.

Our brain detoxes and restores when we sleep. If we cut our sleep short, we are interrupting this cycle that is imperative to our health. Other research has shown that people who have short sleeping times have higher levels of beta-amyloid in their brain – which is commonly found in the brains of people who have Alzheimer’s disease.

But sleeping too much? Is that really a thing? Apparently it is. It could be the case that it isn’t necessarily the length of the sleep that matters, but the quality of that sleep when it comes to risk of developing dementia. For instance, this study also showed that having less “slow-wave” sleep – restorative sleep – particularly affected cognitive impairment.

It’s important to note what are common sleep hours for you? If your sleep patterns have been impacted by stress or illness and have fluctuated and are not normal for you, you may be at long term risk for cognitive decline.

Stress is the key to many ailments, sleep included. When you are under long term stress, this can impair your melatonin and cortisol which are both major players in your sleep cycle. Stress is known to trigger autoimmune disease, cardio health and brain function. Remember those commercials with the egg frying on the cement? This is your brain on drugs! You could easily replace that egg with stress and send the same message.

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