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Inflammation Strategies

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April 3, 2015

Most everyone has experienced some form of pain in his life, whether falling off a bicycle, lifting a heavy box, a stress headache, or due to a car accident. All of these different injuries stem from the same response in the body–inflammation.

This is the unsung hero of pain, because while inflammation causes pain, it also protects the body and is necessary for injuries to heal. Unfortunately, sometimes the body is unable to regulate inflammation properly and chronic pain can result. There are many ways to support the body when pain becomes overwhelming.

In my office, I address pain in a multifaceted way – through the use of chiropractic adjustments, specific muscle work, diet, and proper exercise. These categories in combination target inflammation, decrease pain, and ultimately improve function.

A quick way to determine if you are not healing appropriately is to ask yourself these questions. Is your pain preventing you from doing something? Did you use to heal quickly? Do you want more relief? If you answered, yes to any of these consider finding a doctor of chiropractic who can help your body heal and let your health soar!

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