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Mercury & Your Thyroid: How Many Fillings Do You Have?

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April 3, 2015

!DentalExamMost of us understand that Mercury is a toxic metal that can cause serious health concerns. Besides an old broken thermometer or vaccination, what is the most common way we are exposed to harmful levels of mercury? The answer is to look at your teeth!

If you notice dark fillings there is a good chance you may have mercury fillings. And, if you currently suffer from a thyroid condition, these filling may have been the trigger!

A majority of thyroid cases are autoimmune, and mercury can stimulate the body to attack itself. Although few doctors associate dental fillings with a patient’s thyroid condition, a study in the December 2006 Journal of Neuro Edocrinology showed that thyroid antibodies decreased with the removal of mercury containing dental amalgams in patients with mercury hypersensitivity.

Removal of mercury fillings decreased the immune attack against the thyroid and consequently resulted in successful treatment of the thyroid condition. Before you race to your dentist to have your fillings changed, know that there are precautions to take so that escaping mercury will not negatively impact your health, and removal is not the safest answer for everyone. Your thyroid health is dependent on many factor, your teeth are just one of them!

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