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Pediatric Leaky gut – Could this be holding your child back?

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April 2, 2015

You are pretty lucky if you are reading this newsletter because the chances that your long term health will be better than most is quite good. That’s because Dr. Ian and I address a little known but devastating condition commonly known as leaky gut. As you may know, a leaky is a GI tract that is not functioning properly. Foods are not absorbed properly, flora and fauna are not balanced, and many unpleasant health conditions can result.

But, did you know that leaky gut can affect children and even babies? Yes!

A child can be born with leaky gut! Scary, huh?

A child with a leaky gut can experience a variety of symptoms just like an adult. It can be as straight forward as digestive discomfort or as complicated as ADHD, skin rashes, or autoimmune conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis and Celiac Disease. Leaky gut is a pretty big deal for your child’s health and can significantly affect their long term health and success in life.

In February of this year the New York Times and Dr. Oz high-lighted a story about a 5 year old boy with rheumatoid arthritis (The Boy With a Thorn in His Joints). This little guy was unable to jump out of bed in the morning no less play with his brother due to severe pain. His mother convinced her son’s doctor and her husband to allow her son to try an alternative method of treatment for the arthritis.

With all agreeing to a 6 week trial as long as the boy stayed on Methotrexate, the mother began her experiment. She followed the prescribed diet by eliminating highly allergenic foods including wheat, corn, soy, dairy, and sugar, and added herbs and supplements like fish oil, vitamin D, and probiotics to her son’s daily regimen.

All of this was to help “de-flame” her son’s body and help heal his leaky gut. Although the diet was strict, questioned, and challenging, it offered hope and in the 6th week, the little boy jumped out of bed and asked for breakfast for the first time in years! He has continued on the diet, eliminated his medications (at the absolute shock of his doctor!), and is now enjoying a pain free life as a child should.

This story most likely has played out countless times across the country, but unfortunately the standard of care in Rheumatoid conditions does not consider the dramatic impact our gastrointestinal system plays in good health. If your immune system is centered in the gut, doesn’t it make sense to start here?

Children are amazing at how fast they can respond to interventions and we consistently see positive changes by removing immune system threats and giving the gut a chance to heal. Children and adults have literally been unable to walk properly or even open doors before starting our leaky gut program. In less than two months many are out enjoying sports, playing and just enjoying what it is to be young, or at least young at heart.

Hope is a powerful player when working to regain health. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we really are what we eat. And those food choices affect our kids mentally, emotionally, and physically.

They deserve the best we can offer them! If you have Rheumatoid arthritis or know of someone who may have a joint related condition, offer them these tid bits of information and maybe they to can address their condition and get lasting relief!

Let Your Health Soar,
Dr. Karen

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