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Top 10 Reasons Thyroid Patients Fail To Heal

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April 2, 2015

Ever felt like something was still wrong?

Well, then you can join the millions of Americans who may have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism (not necessarily Hashimoto’s) but still suffer needlessly! One of my goals is to teach about the most common reasons people continue to suffer with hypothyroidism. Below are my top ten reasons:

1. Incorrect supplementation – Patients commonly think they are helping their immune system by taking copious amounts of immune enhancing supplements. Although Hashimoto’s is immune based and requires immunomodulation through supplementation, you may actually be causing more harm than good taking astragalus, echinacea, iodine, glandulars (and many more).

2. Fillers from thyroid hormone medications – Although hormone supplementation may be vital for normal function with destruction of thyroid tissue there are common contaminants in medications that can impair function. Modified food starch is the most common, which may be sourced from gluten or GMO corn. Take charge of this aspect and demand the ingredient list from your pharmacist or company that makes your medication!

3. Trying to heal your thyroid through TSH/T4 testing.

4. Failing to address Stress and the Adrenal-Hippocampal circuit.

5. 99% Gluten free.

6. Additional food sensitivities.

7. Failing to address brain health.

8. Blood sugar regulation.

9. Passive attitude.

10. Failing to understand their complexity- Autoimmunity is a combination of genetic mediators influenced by our internal environment plus lifestyle triggers. This may be from toxic exposures, childhood and adult history of antibiotics or the improper management of the immune system during pregnancy.

Whatever the case, functional medicine is uniquely designed to delve deeper into our interconnected physiologic systems and create a customized plan to address the cause rather than bandage the wound. The minimum time an autoimmune disorder requires is 6 months of treatment! Many times this includes dietary changes, supplementation, detoxification and support to systems like our T-regulatory cells, mitochondria or adrenal-hippocampal circuit. Whatever the cause and solution, the first place to start is by contacting Dr. Autoimmune so we can start you on the path towards optimal health!

Let Your Health Soar,
Ian Hollaman, DC, MSc, IFMCP, CGC

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