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What Is Clinical Nutrition?

clinical nutrition
March 10, 2024

Do you want to learn more about your health and how your diet impacts vital functions within your body? Our Clinical Nutritionists work with adults with a variety of health concerns to reach their goals and take control of their well-being. So, what is clinical nutrition? Read on to discover exactly what you need to know about this service, the signs and causes of nutritional deficiencies, and how you could benefit from our holistic approach to overall wellness!

Clinical Nutrition Defined

what is clinical nutrition?

An optimal diet contains nutrient-dense foods with essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, and other nutrients. These “building blocks” are responsible for breaking down your food, providing your body with energy, and ensuring your organs can function properly. A nutritional imbalance or deficiency can throw your body’s system out of whack and lead to various conditions, such as hormone problems, declining metabolism, poor gut health, increased inflammation, and more.

Reasons for Nutritional Deficiency

As a part of our holistic functional medicine practice, we look for answers regarding why you’re experiencing a nutritional deficiency. Here are a few possible causes that are commonly seen:

  • Diseases and autoimmune disorders
  • Lack of a nutrient-dense diet
  • Medication side effects
  • Chronic stress and inflammation

Symptoms of Nutritional Deficiency

Symptoms are important, and you should always communicate with your doctor about anything out of the ordinary. Your body might be telling you that it’s deficient in a certain nutrient if you experience:

  • Weight fluctuations
  • Changes in mood or concentration
  • Fatigue/ muscle weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Hair loss
  • Pale skin
  • Irregular heartbeat

Now, what is clinical nutrition and its role in understanding your symptoms? Through clinical nutrition, we can help discover what existing deficiencies or imbalances you may have. That way, we can provide clear and effective solutions to correct the deficiency and improve your diet through tailored nutrition coaching and supplement recommendations.

Benefits of Clinical Nutrition

#1: Can encourage natural detoxification

Additives, preservatives, and toxins are commonly ingested through what we eat and drink on a daily basis, disrupting the body’s natural ability to fight against harmful substances. A clinical nutrition program can work with your body to encourage organ function, which in turn supports better nutrient absorption and healing process.

#2: Can improve leaky gut

Poor diet and autoimmune disorders can cause painful, uncomfortable gut symptoms, which puts even more stress on your body and its immune system. Certain foods are helpful for achieving a healthier gut, like fermented foods and leafy greens, and our Clinical Nutritionist can discuss with you the best gut-friendly options!

#3: Can support weight loss goals

Many people find themselves overweight and overwhelmed with the various schemes and ploys to lose weight. Clinical nutrition is a tool by which we utilize your biochemistry to determine your body type, which influences the best methods and protocols to help you shed those extra pounds.

Clinical Nutrition & Holistic Functional Medicine

holistic health consultation

Every person is unique, so it makes sense that any nutritional advice and support should be personalized to the individual’s needs. Before giving you any sort of diet regimen, we must complete a thorough consultation and lab assessments to get the big picture of what your body is telling us. Once we discuss your current health status and ideal goals, we can then work on the best clinical nutrition program to fit your needs. For example, we can help with any nutritional deficiencies that could be connected to Hashimoto’s or how to better navigate diabetes and diet.

Now you know– what is clinical nutrition– and how our functional medicine doctors can support your journey to better health through customized nutrition protocols. Learn more about how you can get started with our clinical nutrition program today!

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