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Are you looking for an individualized program that will set your child up for success next school year?
Dr. Autoimmune’s Summer Brain Camp is just that!

Unlike other camps, ours is individualized to meet your child’s specific needs and the times are flexible to meet your schedule! The brain is highly complex and that’s why we’ve created a program to identify key areas of weakness and use specific tools to develop those areas. The results can be life changing!

We use a three-fold methodology to determine the “weak links” that may be hindering your child from reaching their highest potential. Then we create a customized plan to target your child’s specific needs causing outstanding results! The three areas are: Lab Testing, Brain Mapping, and Functional Neurology. By combining these three areas, we get a comprehensive picture of how your child’s brain is functioning.

1) Lab tests may offer great insight into your child’s health. They look at imbalances in nutritional status, inflammation, and food sensitivities that could trigger the brain. When anyone has inflammation in the gut or doesn’t have enough nutrients it can slow or impede normal function. This could manifest as sensory integration problems, fatigue, mood swings, or disorganized attention! Research is pointing to our microbiome as one of the most common triggers for emotional health. A child may develop a spectrum condition when the microbiome is not in balance.

2) Brain Mapping (QEEG): Brain mapping is a unique way to literally capture information coming from neurons and shows how brain waves are functioning. This has been used for close to 40 years to determine imbalances in brain waves and rehabilitate them into healthy ranges using neurofeedback. Since children’s brains are quite plastic, meaning they accept information and create change easily, neurofeedback is a safe and effective way to exercise your child’s brain to optimal health. Your results are compared to healthy normal values and displayed as a picture to analyze. In the picture below you will notice Delta is elevated (red/yellow) which could cause fogginess or problems with waking up refreshed. High Theta can cause problems with concentration and staying on task. The elevated Alpha may be causing anxiety or just make someone more emotional while lower Beta can affect executive function like managing complex tasks and even learning! As the brain waves become more balanced, it is very common to notice symptoms like attention, mood swings, poor sleep, anxiety, and poor motivation improving – all without medication.

3) Functional neurology: Part of our initial work up with clients is performing a neurologic exam. You can learn an incredible amount by testing areas in the brain like the frontal lobe (mood, drive, motivation), Parietal lobe (association, dyslexia tendencies, coordination), and cerebellum (eye movements, accuracy and coordination). We perform about 50-60 individual tests that look into these areas and determine if the brain has developed properly. Primitive reflexes are at the root of our testing. Primitive reflexes are present in newborns to initiate movement, which develops the brain. Without them, the brain does not develop completely, and if they last too long, it is also an indication of gaps in brain development. Think of these gaps like holes in a foundation. Just as a home built on a foundation with holes is not structurally sound, a brain with primitive reflexes present is not able to fully mature. The result is learning difficulties, attention and focus problems, behavioral issues, and sensory processing issues. Fortunately, there are exercises, games, and bodywork that address the weaknesses and allow the brain to fully develop. This information is explained to you in detail and we incorporate specific home based exercises that can create new connections and improved brain function!

Whatever your goal or challenge for your child we are here to help. Brain Camp can be a great way to finally get at those challenges you were to busy to deal with during the school year! We understand just how busy it gets because we have kids to! We are opening office hours Fri/Sat to accommodate your busy schedules and we can create a team to help your child achieve optimal brain health!

For a limited time we’re offering a comprehensive initial consultation which includes 1.) Neurologic Examination 2.) Brain Map 3.) Report of Findings AND 4.) 2 Trail Neurofeedback Sessions for just $95 ($1,275 value)! We are confident we can shed light on your child’s health and help their brain soar to a new height!
Call 303.882.8447 to schedule your initial appointment!

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  1. Hello,
    Our son (now aged 22) had a traumatic head injury as a toddler and was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD, along with learning disabilities as a child. He is finding his adult life is still difficult, and we are attempting to find other resources for his continuing struggles. Do you help young adults his age?

  2. Hi Cassie,
    First I want to say, all the compassion for your son.
    YES we can help him.
    When is a good time for us to chat?
    Here’s our number and please ask for me.
    Michel La Doucier
    Office Manager

  3. Hi Lori,
    Whats your number and when is a good time chat?
    You can also give us a call:

  4. Hi Kristen,
    Thanks for your inquiry.
    First i want to say – all the compassion for your son.
    YES, we do help and find success with TBI, ODD and other learning difficulties.
    Would you please send me your number so I can call you?
    Feel free to call us and I will personally go over the program that Dr. Ian has to offer.
    Michel La Doucier
    Office Manager

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