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Is it true that training leads to better performance and fewer injuries? Vince Lombardi said, – perfect practice makes perfect -, not practice makes perfect. Vince was correct in that proper training far outweighs any quantity of training. So, what is proper training? Proper training focuses on balancing structural, nutritional and emotional health.

Proper structural health maintains the 550+ muscles and 212+ bones through chiropractic, massage and strengthening programs. Additionally, a target heart rate should be maintained during exercise that emphasizes your aerobic capacity. Proper nutrition focuses on evolution as mammals.

Dr. Loren Cordain wrote a masterpiece called ‘The Paleo Diet’, which emphasizes a predominantly seasonal, protein and vegetable diet that humans have utilized for millions of years. This diet incorporates our genetic background and allows us to express its wisdom even in the face of increased training and related stress. Emotional health should not be overlooked as a factor in overtraining as our mind affects every cell in our body.

Support your mind and body by heeding Mr. Lombardi’s words and train with a professional who respects your bodies needs for structural, nutritional and emotional support. Please contact Dr. Autoimmune to set up your professional program and let your health soar!