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The Thyroid Secret - a 9-part docu-seriesI’ve just got word that I can finally let you in on something that I’ve known about for several months, but was sworn to secrecy!

My friend Dr. Izabella Wentz and her amazing team have put together an incredible 9-part documentary series on thyroid disease that’s going to be nothing short of groundbreaking when it comes to how we treat one of the most overlooked diseases in our country today. And the buzz is already building around this powerful documentary series that Izabella and her team have produced.

I’m so proud to announce that I will actually BE IN the documentary! Dr. Wentz contacted me personally and asked if I would participate, and when I heard the depth and scope of this project, I just couldn’t say no.

And I want to invite YOU to a sneak preview as my special guest. Part One will be live on January 19th and you can visit the documentary website to sign-up now and watch the trailer!

The Thyroid SecretIn this series, Dr. Wentz has interviewed over 50 thyroid patients to listen to their personal and sometimes heartbreaking stories, and she’s put together over 100 of the TOP experts in integrative thyroid treatment to unmask the dark veil surrounding thyroid issues (and how to recover from them), including Dr. Datis Kharrazian, Chris Kresser, Dr. Mark Hymen, Dr. Amy Myers, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne and so many more!
So take just a minute and mark January 19th at 9am EST on your calendar right now, and then click right HERE to go and reserve your spot for this special premiere. You’ll have a front-row seat before anyone else in the world (except the lucky few) to see this groundbreaking new information about your thyroid.

If you or someone you love has suffered from thyroid disease I urge you to reserve your spot now.
It’s all FREE for you to watch. That’s right, the whole documentary, all 9 parts will be aired free of charge. Starting January 19th there will be a brand new episode up for you to watch for 24 hours until the next episode is ready.
I can’t wait to hear what you think of the documentary, and I’m excited and humbled to be a part of it.

Today is the day to make a shift in your life towards better health. It’s within reach, and it’s yours for the taking.

Let your health soar!
Ian Hollaman, DC, MSc, IFMCP

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