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SignLanguage“Cold hands, warm heart” a sweet old adage that may say more about the thyroid than the personality. Anxiety, depression, fatigue, digestive troubles, constipation, insomnia, heart palpitations, itchy dry skin, brittle thinning hair, difficulty with weight gain or loss, morning headaches, cold hands and feet are the signs of a poorly functioning thyroid.

These signs are so diverse they can easily be associated with such life factors as a busy family, a stressful job, weather changes, or a poor mattress.

Our body communicates its state of well-being the only way it can– through itself! Unfortunately, much of that communication gets covered up, ignored, or blamed on innocent bystanders, as we buy in, literally, to a culture that emphasizes how we look and what we do. Salon products camouflage our dry hair and nails; supplements boost our energy and weight loss; fragrant lotions soften our skin.

Even when your body “speaks” faintly, consider what’s going on inside it before you change it on the outside. Simple blood testing will illuminate how your thyroid is functioning and if your symptoms are due to a hypothyroid condition. “Listen” to the language of your body. Your good health is riding on it.