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Functional Medicine Colorado

Get the best functional medicine Colorado has to offer from the trusted professionals at Dr. Autoimmune. We employ a special combination of professional wellness services, tested concepts, diagnostic laboratories, and tailored recommendations along with particular nutrition and medical-grade supplements to help you fully realize and achieve your health and vitality goals.

Wellness Plans Unique To Each Individual

Dr. Autoimmune (Dr. Ian) uses a combination of an in depth physical and comprehensive neurological exam, along with comprehensive labs to determine the root cause of chronic and complex health issues. The “Let Your Health Soar” motto reflects that when structural, biochemical and emotional challenges are resolved you can achieve optimal health!

Functional Medicine

At Dr. Autoimmune a new paradigm of healthcare exists using proven principles to listen and understand your health goals. Compassion, concern and knowledge underscore a passion in using the most modern forms of health-care. Functional medicine uses the patient’s story as a key tool for integrating diagnosis, signs and symptoms, and evidence of clinical imbalances into a comprehensive approach to improve both the patient’s symptoms and their physiological function.

Clinical Nutrition

Learn more about how clinical nutrition can support detoxification, leaky gut, and weight management. This specialty help our patients find relief in a variety of ways.

Maintenance Programs

We value your investment in your wellness and want to help you protect it. That is why we have multiple programs to choose from for the purpose of maintaining your optimal health.


Metabolic New Patient Exam
(includes comprehensive physical and neurological exam, brain map, and report of findings with Dr. Ian)


Functional Medicine Session


Clinical Nutrition

$300 (60-minute initial)
$165 (30-minute follow up)

Neurofeedback Session (10 minimum)


Neurologic Rehabilitation






Trigenics + Shockwave Package


Chiropractic Adjustment




Silver Protein Nasal Treatment


Start Your Health Consultation

We’ve set up a comprehensive new patient special that includes everything necessary to determine the root cause of your condition and start you on the journey to getting your life back.

✓ 1-Hour Comprehensive Physical and Neurologic Exam

✓ Advanced Brain Mapping

✓ Complete Blood Panel – Examining Over 80 Unique Markers (Includes lab fees)

✓ Follow Up Session to Review Findings and Develop Customized Care Plan


Optimal wellness is just a click away.