Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) refers to a group of conditions, including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. IBD affects 3 million people in the US, yet conventional medicine still hasn’t identified the cause or cure. How is the functional medicine approach different?

We understand that living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is painful, frustrating, and exhausting. Western doctors prescribe pharmaceuticals to help manage the symptoms, but this approach does not recognize the interconnectedness of our bodies. Dr. Autoimmune’s functional medicine perspective takes into account the whole person: mind, body, spirit, and lifestyle.

IBD is an autoimmune disease, so the factors contributing to it can be complex. What we know is that all autoimmune disorders are caused by a perfect storm of 3 factors: genetic predisposition, leaky gut, and environment. The environment in our bodies is affected by the foods we eat, toxins/pollutants, stress, inflammation, infections, etc. 

Instead of focusing on band aid treatments for IBD, functional medicine aims to heal leaky gut and identify the personal environmental triggers that differ from person to person. Dr. Autoimmune’s approach is patient-focused because we know that autoimmunity is complex and everyone’s experience is unique.

We are dedicated to helping you find relief, and we will do so using natural, safe, and effective treatments. Fill out the form below today if you’d like to know more about how Dr. Autoimmune is the expert you’ve been looking for!

Dr Ian helped me overcome many health problems. When I initially went to see him, I was suffering from hypo-thyroidism. With his help, I am no longer hypo-thyroid. Amazing Results! He is highly recommended!

- Mary

I initially started seeing Dr Ian for intense tiredness, digestive problems, low thyroid and a slew of other symptoms. He has been so amazing in supporting me to continuously make improvements and the results have been incredible. I highly recommend him, he is intuitive, wise and a high integrity person that I respect and value!

- Susie

Ian really knows A LOT about thyroid problems! His knowledge and confidence convinced me to make the lifestyle changes -including no gluten, no sugar, and more exercise-that are essential to healing hormonal imbalances and to staying well. Several months later, I feel stronger, more energetic, and am happier than I have felt in a long time. Many thanks for all your help!

- Anonymous

Using adjustments, blood analysis, supplements, suggested diet and exercise, Dr. Hollaman has been able to recreate the proper function of my endocrine system and I feel like a new person! I’ve lost weight and feel good about myself again. I know that my health is better than it has been for many years and I am no longer taking thyroid supplementation.

- Joetta

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