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Leaky Gut Trio
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Leaky Gut Trio
Leaky Gut Trio

Dr AutoImmune - Leaky Gut Trio

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Leaky Gut Trio

Intestinal hyperpermeability, a.k.a. “Leaky gut“ may be one of the most important health scourges impacting mankind, manifesting as Chronic diseases like autoimmunity, cancer and insulin resistance. Research has indicated autoimmunity is a result of genetic mutations, environmental factors and triggers creating permeability in the small intestines.  Once permeable, toxins leak into the circulation and create massive inflammation leading to the loss of regulation of the immune system and onset of autoimmunity/cancer, cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance (type II diabetes).  Through diet and cutting edge supplementation it is possible to regain Your optimal health and it all starts with PrebiopowerImmunopower, and Gut power.

Prebiopower contains a patented prebiotic called sunfiber(R) with over 75 research studies today showing clinical efficacy in numerous gut related conditions.  This easily dissolvable, non bloating prebiotic fuels beneficial bacteria which may have been eroded from stress, diet and medications such as acid blockers or antibiotics.  Beneficial bacteria are the key to regulating inflammation and is a critical strategy in helping heal the gut barrier.  Not only does it help heal leaky gut it appears to regulate IBS symptoms, improves constipation, helps sleep, alleviates chronic kidney disease, reduces diarrhea, regulates blood lipids and glucose and even may help to support fatty liver disease.  

Immunopower features all the necessary nutrients including A, D, and K with EGCG (decaffeinated green tea), alpha lipoid acid and 3 unique probiotics for stimulating T- Regulatory cells, a critical aspect in inflammation and autoimmunity.  These critical nutrients have varied effects but they all collectively stimulate “T regulatory cells”, arguably the most important cell involved in autoimmunity and chronic inflammation.  Each nutrient has a large swath of physiology functions but below are some of the most important:

Vitamin A: Vitamin A appears to improve beneficial bacteria in the micro biome and increases a chemical called IL-22, known to regulate the gut barrier and prevent permeability.

Vitamin D: Arguably the most important nutrient here because vitamin D is a hormone, not a nutrient.  It is known to decrease viral replication, stimulates zonulin, a chemical critical in barrier regulation, reduces TNF-alpha, a potent inflammatory chemical associated with autoimmunity and helps to produce cathelocidins and beta-defensins, powerful anti bacterial compounds we create in our body.

Vitamin K: This nutrient is important for stimulating beneficial bacteria and appears to protect the brain against gut inflammation 

EGCG: epigallocatechin gallate is a bioflavonoid found in green tea and acts as a prebiotic and stimulates anti inflammatory chemicals and research has shown it even helps to reduce inflammatory bowel disease markers

Probiotics: Immunopower features three powerful strains which have been shown in clinical trials to increase IL-10, a chemical messenger capable of up regulating T regulatory cells

  1. Bifidobacterium Lactis
  2. Bifidobacterium Breve
  3. Lactobacillus Rhamnosus

Gut power features our most important digestive enzyme, hydrochloric acid, and zinc carnosine, a breakthrough nutrient, which has been shown in clinical science to help reverse and improve the gut barrier when it is damaged.  Zinc is also a vital nutrient for the immune system and helps to fight infections throughout the body.  Hydrochloric acid is primarily responsible for helping us absorb protein, the most important macronutrient in immune and blood sugar regulation.  As well, hydrochloric acid stops bacterial overgrowth in the gut and acidifies minerals making them absorbable through the small intestine. 

After 15 years of clinical practice I formulated these products specifically because they were not available on the market and by combining nutrients together it means fewer bottles and more convenience for you.  We routinely hear from clients their symptoms improve within days of taking the trio and we think you can change Your life as well!

These three products combined are being offered together to start your leaky gut healing journey at a 10% discount with code of leakygut10!

FDA Disclaimer - Dr Autoimmune does not diagnose, prevent or treat diseases nor do these products prevent treat or cure.

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