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In with Black Cumin Seed Oil, Out with Inflammation

Also known as black caraway and referenced in many scriptural texts, black cumin is a flowering plant found throughout Southwest Asia, parts of the Mediterranean and Africa. This magical oil has a long history of use in diverse culinary and medicinal traditions. Black seed oil is extracted from N. sativa seeds, and has been used […]

HORMONES 101 Part 2: Estrogen Dominance

In Part 1 of this series we covered cortisol, progesterone, and their relationship. Though the vast majority of hormones are made of protein, both of these are steroid hormones made of cholesterol. Estrogen is another steroid hormone. It is the main female sex hormone, but it also plays an important role in male bodies. Estrogen: […]

Can Olive Oil Help Multiple Sclerosis Patients?

T-Regulatory Cells T-regulatory (Treg) cells are the police force of our immune system. As their name suggests, Treg cells regulate our body’s immune response by suppressing it when it isn’t needed. They are extremely important in preventing autoimmunity, which occurs when the immune system attacks the body’s own cells. FOXP3 is a protein of the […]

A Case Study in Autoimmune Disease – Part 3 – Implementing Support

(Before reading this post, be sure to check out A Case Study in Autoimmune Disease – Part 2 – Evaluation, where Dr. Ian gives an overview of Molly’s initial test results.) Neuro Rehab We began a course of brain-based therapy in the office called “neurologic rehabilitation.” Basically, we took the findings from her exam and […]

A Case Study in Autoimmune Disease – Part 2 – Testing

(Before reading this post, be sure to check out A Case Study in Autoimmune Disease – Part 1 – Evaluation, where Dr. Ian gives an overview of Molly’s case and what she presented with initially.) Molly’s blood work findings: Homocysteine 12.5 TSH 1.2 (normal!) Vitamin D 31 Ferritin 15 WBC 4.4 Eosinophils 5 EBV positive for […]

A Case Study in Autoimmune Disease – Part 1 – Evaluation

In June 2020, Molly, a pleasant 35-year-old woman, presented to me for an evaluation of a hypothyroid condition. Molly’s symptoms included fatigue, lack of focus, unstable mood, digestion issues, and skin and hair problems. On top of these symptoms, she had a nagging hip injury that prevented her from exercising, her main form of stress […]

Autoimmune & Lasers: The future is now!

Low Level Laser Therapy and Your Thyroid – The Latest Research shows… By Ian Hollaman, DC, MSc, IFMCP Lasers, powerful beams of light that affect how our body functions whether it’s our eyes, our fat cells, and now research is showing our thyroid.  In 2015, I wrote a blog about low level laser therapy and […]

Healthy Gut, Heathy Thyroid – The Unacknowledged connection.

Leaky (unhealthy) Gut And Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid ~ Why They Go Hand In Hand Do you suspect you have a thyroid condition or maybe you know for certain? You have terrible fatigue, constipation, cold feet or hands, hair and skin problems, weight fluctuation, and brain fog that don’t seem to be getting any better despite eating […]

Autoimmune Diseases & the Infection Connection

Viral Infections and Autoimmune Disease Autoimmune disorders occur when the immune system malfunctions. That is, instead of helping protect you against infections; it attacks your own tissues and organs. Scientists are not clear on what exactly causes an autoimmune disorder; however, multiple factors like genetics, environment and triggers play a significant role. One of the […]

Top 10 Thyroid Myths Revealed!

1 – Thyroid disease is primarily a thyroid disorder It can be incredibly confusing and frustrating for anyone suffering from thyroid symptoms to go for years if not decades without a proper diagnosis.  Did you know that 95% of people with thyroid disease have a history of a gastrointestinal disorder called “leaky gut” that is the precursor […]