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Stem Cells: Regrowth of Cartilage

The research findings and positive outlook on stem cell usage is amazing – these multidimensional cells can transform into many different types of cells and tissues within the body, and therefore be key contributors to present and future medical therapies. One of the ways that stem cells are being used in today’s modern society in […]

Hip Pain Solved With Stem Cell Therapy

Hip pain is becoming increasingly common. There are a wide number of conditions that can cause hip pain, however they all share certain similarities. Regardless of the underlying cause, hip pain can limit someone’s ability to enjoy life in general. Hip pain is generally exacerbated by walking and other upright activities, pushing people to become […]

Stem Cells: Can They Help Paralysis?

Unfortunately, injuries of the spinal column are not an uncommon thing.  Studies have shown that incidences like these happen in up to 80 million people each year. Typically, these accidents are caused by falls, violence with knives or guns, and car accidents, along with arthritis or cancer. Spinal cord injuries can cause damage that interferes […]